Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) reviews are conducted by Assessor Accrediting Organisations (AAOs) in accordance with the NatHERS Protocol 2016, which requires that 20% of Accredited Assessors be reviewed annually.

Should an Assessor receive an unsatisfactory outcome and require mentoring as a result of their QA review, they will be advised in writing and a temporary suspension of their accreditation may apply. The Assessor is then given 14 days in which to undertake the request for mentoring/additional training.

In Mandatory Mentoring, the mentoring is successfully completed when the Mentor is satisfied that the Assessor demonstrates sufficient proficiency to retain their accreditation. The Assessor is  required to be proactive in the process by submitting each assignment on or before the due date and allowing sufficient time for the Mentor to review their submission.

ABSA HERS Assessment QA Information Sheet

Mentoring Packages

If an Assessor is unsuccessful with or unable to start their mentoring within 14 days, their accreditation will be suspended until they undertake further identified training. Ongoing non-compliance with ABSA's QA requirements will result in permanent suspension of accreditation.

Assessors should also note that if they resign/terminate their accreditation or membership with ABSA after being notified that they have failed a QA review, they will still have the results of their failed QA review documented and reported to the NatHERS Administrator. The NatHERS Administrator may share this information with other State/Territory jurisdictions and other AAOs.