The Board is mission-focused and strategy-oriented. Directors develop and update the strategic plan (including vision, mission, values and strategies), monitor progress and manage risk. The Board meets quarterly or as frequent as necessary. The current Board members are:

Director and Chairperson – Samantha Anderson

Samantha is a building physics engineer and ABSA Accredited Assessor. As a consulting engineer, Samantha works on a range of complex daylight and glare models and undertakes a range of thermal performance solutions to generate high-performance buildings. She was also a key member in the development of InEnergy, an in-house energy modelling tool for the commercial sector. Most of her work is in the Class 2 and non-residential spaces.

Samantha is passionate about delivering high-performance buildings and, in addition to this, trying to achieve greater clarity in the industry with regards to what a 'high performance' building represents, and how such buildings can impact occupant comfort. Samantha strives to change the perception that air conditioning is required to maintain comfort, and to reinforce the notion that comfort can be achieved through the building envelope alone.

Director and Deputy Chairperson – James Cross

James is an ABSA Member and as an Accredited Assessor holds the Cert IV in NatHERS Assessment. He owns and manages a small Energy Assessing business located in WA. James started out as a Glazier in the building industry when he was 18. He has also worked as a Scheduler. Prior to starting his own business in early 2018 James worked for a national Engineering firm providing onsite compliance of retaining structures and subsequently moved into the company’s Energy Department where he was the Senior NatHERS Energy Assessor.

Director - Mahalath Halperin

Mahalath is an award-winning Architect and Environmental Consultant living and working in regional NSW, with a priority focus on a greener built environment resulting in a more holistic approach to architecture and combined with lifestyle and usability. As an adjunct to Mahalath Halperin Architects P/L  is the side business of HELP® - Holistic Environmental Lifestyle Planning – providing a wide range of sustainability-related services.

Mahalath is an Accredited Carbon Management and Energy Assessor, integrating assessment tools as part of the design process. Mahalath ‘s ideal is to adapt a triple-bottom line approach to both work and life - to be environmentally, socially and fiscally responsible as much as possible, and incorporating these principles not only in her projects, but life generally. Her own recently constructed home and office won the Sustainability Award 2018 for single dwellings, highlighting not just passive solar and energy efficient design, but an overall holistic approach to building, site and lifestyle, and incorporating many recycled, upcycled and innovative ideas into the design.

Director and Chair ABSA TAC – Dr Clyde Anderson

Dr Anderson graduated in 1989 from the University of Queensland with a PhD in heat transfer and supersonics in the School of Mechanical Engineering. He is a registered professional engineer in Queensland.

Clyde also holds the CPP41212 Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment. and a TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and is an ABSA Accredited Assessor.

He started his current energy efficiency consulting company in 1999 when the Brisbane City Council started to allow star ratings for houses as an alternative building solution, a system that was subsequently adopted by the Building Code of Australia (BCA). As the BCA has increased the scope for energy efficiency, so has Clyde's business grown, and it now employs four professional engineers.

In addition to residential energy efficiency assessments, Clyde's consulting services include commercial building Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) solutions and JV3 verification method assessments, 'what if' energy consulting and training in energy efficiency. The company operates a certified ISO9001 quality management system in energy efficiency assessments and consulting.

Clyde is the ABSA representative on the NatHERS Software Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and the Artibus Technical Advisory Group reviewing the CPP41212 Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment.

Independent Director - Koen Goossens

Koen’s academic qualifications include an M.Sc. in Manufacturing Technology from UMIST, Manchester, England (Erasmus Scholarship) and a Master and Bachelor in Engineering from Universiteit Gent, Ghent, Belgium.  Koen is the head of eeFit, a leading insulation provider for group home builders in Australia’s Eastcoast.  He also leads the procurement and supply functions at Fletcher Insulation. Before migrating to Australia in 2011, Koen had several director roles in Europe and America and completed major projects in Africa, Middle East and Russia.

Koen is passionate about sustainable and responsible management of natural resources to ensure the future of our planet. ABSA is well placed to further the science and technology and understanding of building sustainability in all its forms.    

Independant Director - John Reynen

John graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) with a bachelor of business in Finance and Accounting in 1994.  He is a qualified CPA of more than 20 years, and is also a qualified company secretary.  John has held senior Finance positions with international investment banks including Credit Suisse, Lehman Brothers, Barclays Bank and Standard Chartered, with more than 20 years experience working abroad in Tokyo, Singapore and London.  John has also volunteered his accounting skills to help not-for-profit businesses in Thailand, Cambodia and Philippines.

John is currently CFO for a privately owned property investment group, MPIP P/L.