Ongoing support

Ongoing Support @ $150 per hour

Designed for Assessors who are experiencing difficulties with the concepts of the software and feel that some additional Training and assistance would help them.


### Tailored Mentoring – $300

Covers one hour of contact time and one hour of Mentor’s preparation time.

 Tailored to specific needs, the mentoring may include:

  • Review of an assessment 
  • An assessment task
  • Support while  undertaking a difficult rating

Note: This can also be used for Assessors who have been requested by ABSA to participate in a discussion with a Mentor as follow up to the result of a Quality Assurance (QA) review.


### Mentoring Evaluation – $385

On receipt of payment ,  ABSA will organise a Mentor who will discuss your QA review project and work through issues raised in the QA Review.

 This module includes:

  • One hour of one-on-one time with a Mentor. 
  • Review of QA result.
  • Customised explanation and guidance of software.


Please note that you may also be required to purchase further Mentoring  to satisfy the requirements of your ABSA Accreditation.


### Mentoring Module 2 – $400

For Assessors who have been requested by ABSA to undertake further mentoring / upskilling.

If you have been requested by ABSA to undertake this mentoring your Mentor must be satisfied at the end that you are ready to proceed with the ABSA processes and would pass a QA Review.
This module includes two hours of  interaction (during business hours) covering:

  • Additional guidance using a selected software
  • Review of a complex dwelling provided by ABSA
  • Review of the Assessor’s next completed rating before it is submitted.


### Reinstatement of accreditation or limited accreditation may require successful completion of these module and payment of fees.

Note: additional fees may apply for training depending on need.
All correspondence for this package will be tailored to suit an Assessor circumstances.