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Reminder your ABSA Membership and TPA Accreditation renewal is due by 31 March 2021.


To renew your annual ABSA Membership and TPA Accreditation fees, ensure you are logged into your profile, go to Renew Now or click Membership Options > Individual Membership and select the Add On option for NatHERS Assessor.  Please note that you do not need to upload any documents.

Ensure that your CPD record is up to date. To access your CPD, ensure you are logged in to our site and go to Membership > Members Only > Update CPD . Complete 12 points of CPD Learning - 6.0 points in Category 1 and 6.0 points in Category 2. If you require more CPD points to meet your requirements, ABSA provides a range of CPD Modules for your convenience - these can be found under Professional Development > CPD Modules.

In order to renew your membership in ABSA, you must have your PI insurance in place. We have some good news for you: Any members that hold ABSA PI that falls short of the 31 March 2021 cutoff date are being given an extension to 31 March 2021.

Although ABSA PI is no longer being offered, you can purchase your PI Insurance through Webbers Insurance or through another company and send a copy of the certificate to

Update all incomplete, inaccurate or changed details in your online Member profile.  This can be accessed in Membership > Members Only > Update Your Profile.

On or after 31st March 2021 we will check to ensure that you have met all your re-accreditation requirements. If you have not met the requirements by that date your accreditation will be temporarily suspended until they are met.

Thank you for continuing to be a valued part of ABSA.



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