Member Behaviour

ABSA expects its members, individual and corporate, to maintain a high standard of integrity and to apply honesty and fair dealing in all aspects of their operations.

ABSA members must:

  • Carry out their professional and commercial duties with care and diligence
  • Conduct themselves in a manner that is neither derogatory to their colleagues and the industry, nor likely to lessen the confidence of the public in building sustainability or ABSA

ABSA encourages its members to seek opportunities to be of service to their community in matters relating to building sustainability by:

  • Having a clear and highly visible (to clients) commitment to sustainability
  • Being transparent about their actions, processes and messages
  • Developing emotional relationships with clients not just transactional ones
  • Being charitable with their resources and taking pride in giving back to their local communities
  • Helping build client communities that encourage positive and open communication
  • Having clients who are proud of the services they have purchased and who tell their friends and family of the benefits of the services they have received
  • Having embedded sustainability into core business operations and so they can ‘walk the talk’ with clients
  • Having supply chain providers that are also committed to sustainability and working collaboratively to seek solutions to improve environmental and community outcomes
  • ABSA expects members to behave professionally

All of our members are bound by our Constitution and many are also accredited to work under a building sustainability scheme that is governed by a Code of Practice and/or government regulation.

Disciplining of Members and Accredited Assessors

Complaints about our members or accredited assessors may require disciplinary action for Unsatisfactory Member Conduct, Member Misconduct, Unsatisfactory Accredited Assessor Conduct or Accredited Assessor Misconduct. Therefore we have a complaints procedure and Disciplinary Policy, which recognises the various courses of action available under our Constitution and scheme Codes. 

How to Lodge a Complaint Against a Member or Accredited Assessor

There is a 3-step process to lodging a complaint correctly. To help you establish the context and nature of your complaint and the process you need to follow, we have outlined the requirements. 


If the 3-step process to lodging a complaint requires you to complete the ABSA Complaint Proforma, please download one of the two versions below, complete and return (according to the instructions on the proforma).