ABSA Certificates Prices

With the closure of the RCS on 15 March 2018 you will know longer be required to pre-purchase Certificates. Using the HERS/FR5 portals ABSA will draw data on the number of Certificates you have issued and an invoice forwarded to you for payment.

If you have Certificates in credit at the closure of the RCS, those credits will be recognised in the invoice and your invoice amount reduced accordingly.

Cost of Certificates

Class 1 -  $7 + GST

Class 2 -  $5 + GST

For Assessors wishing to claim for reissued certificates the following procedure applies:

Should you wish to claim for re-issued or cancelled certificates the request needs to be received the same month as the reissued / cancelled certificates.

The following information must be provided on the Claim Form, so we can accurately reconcile your monthly statement and invoice: 

  1. The original date the certificate was issued.
  2. The address (including the number of units if applicable) of the project the certificate was issued for.
  3. The date the certificate was updated or cancelled in the month of claim.

Only once all this data is provided, can we then adjust that Months invoice before issuing.

PLEASE NOTE. For accounting purposes, we cannot back date claims to past months as the credits have to go against the same property address so must be claimed in the month of reissue.