Career Path of an Assessor

ABSA is an Assessor Accrediting Organisation under the NatHERS Protocol 2016 and as such requires that Assessors hold the current Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment. Once you can provide a copy of your Statement of Completion, you will be required to purchase both Individual Membership and PI Insurance and sign the ABSA Code of Practice. When that is complete you will pay a fee for annual Accreditation.

From here you may commence your own business and develop your client base – or you may work for a practice as an Assessor. Regardless of your arrangements you remain responsible for your Assessments and activities.

Whilst Accredited Thermal Comfort Energy Assessors are vital to the process of residential building design and approval, there are many Assessors who also value - add to that field of practice. Conversely, they may already be a practising building professional (Building Designer, Builder, Architect etc) and add to their existing building practice by becoming Thermal Comfort Assessors.

There is a growing and recognised call for complete residence sustainability assessments and you may wish to pursue such. The Victorian Government has commenced the Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard. Accreditation is also required for this for and if you visit for further information on achieving accreditation.

NSW does not have such a programme yet, but it is anticipated that such a program will eventuate over the next couple of years.

If you wish to participate in the non-residential sector your skills may take you to NCC Volume 1 Section J Assessments.

Section J outlines the energy efficiency requirements of non-residential buildings with the main objective being to reduce the amount of energy a building requires for its normal operation. Compliance must be demonstrated and requires a Section J report to be submitted with the documentation at the Construction Certificate stage.

An additional skill set is required to undertake such assessments and you should contact the ABSA Secretariat for further information on training providers.