Power in Numbers: Why BDAA is the perfect partner for ABSA

ABSA recently completed a successful merger with the Building Designers Association of Australia (BDAA), an association sometimes confused with other building design associations throughout Australia. We just want to reassure you that the Building Designers Association of Australia is the only association that represents, advocates for, protects and promotes building professionals throughout Australia.

BDAA works on a daily basis toward the education and accreditation of building designers throughout the country, offering national conferences, design awards, webinars, etc., along with a full roster of regional chapters and online chapters, classes, and special events. Yet the association's service base does not begin and end with building designers. As a member assessor, you too will be welcome to participate in the education and accreditation programs and will enjoy the full representation and advocacy at all times. Since BDAA draws many of the best building designers in Australia, you will enjoy automatic access to a vast pool of new clients and collaborators. They offer you industry knowledge and always will have ABSA's best interest at heart. 

At the same time, you won’t lose anything through your new affiliation with BDAA. As an ABSA assessor, you will keep the same title and logo, the same technical, professional and community support, set fees up to two years, monthly members meetings, and best of all no more ABSA certificate fees! Ultimately, you and our new vast membership of building designers have something in common: a strong belief in the art and science of Sustainable building. Now we can work together toward the design and construction of those homes and businesses that promise to save and sustain the Australian built environment.

We encourage members to connect with the Building Designers Association of Australia on social and via their website bdaa.com.au