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Our assessors are qualified and experienced building performance professionals.  They have a passion for making a difference to improve built environment outcomes and seek to gain further knowledge and experience in an emerging, ever-changing environment. At ABSA we provide assessors with quality, professional training to make them better assessors and business orientated people.

We also maintain a Quality Assurance program that audits assessors regularly for knowledge, proficiency and compliance with Federal, State and Territory legislation. ABSA Assessors are specifically trained and examined to use 2nd Generation Software packages (Accurate, BERS Pro and FirstRate 5) for House Energy Ratings.

The Register below lists all ABSA Assessors that are accredited with ABSA to use this enhanced software. ABSA assessors are committed to improving the sustainability of Australian homes and buildings.


How much does a HERS building thermal performance assessment cost?
The cost is defined by the type and complexity of the building design, eg split level, multi story and the buildings orientation on the site. 

What is the real value of an assessment?
The real cost of an assessment is the assessor’s fee plus the cost onsite to implement the assessor’s recommendations. Although professional service fees are an important consideration, this upfront cost fades into insignificance when compared to construction costs of the building.

It is also worth considering the savings that can be made from reduced energy and water costs over the life of the building. A small initial cost gives you peace of mind that you have a real building performance professional working with you to provide a building that will be, comfortable and efficient to operate.

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